A great brand story needs a strong backstory


Brand stories without deep, insightful backstories will come and go, churning strategies and ad campaigns in search of the core truths that may be buried or hiding in plain sight—truths that can transform a brand and a business.

That’s why we developed ExactCast, our brand-level quantitative research suite, and BrandScope, our innovation and category-level tool set, all in collaboration with Whitman Insight Strategies, a leading political research and strategy firm.

This toolset is based on The Political Model, which identifies a brand’s Base (its loyalists), the Opposition (the folks who will NEVER vote for their candidate, no matter what they say), and the all-important Swing: the persuadable middle who can be won over with the right messaging, in the right place, at the right time.

We offer two quantitative solution sets:

ExactCast, which gives you:

  • WHO >> Precise, high-value Base and Swing growth targets, via highly-detailed behavioral segmentation, along with non-persuadable Opposition segments you can avoid wasting money trying to convert
  • WHAT >> Actionable positioning and messaging architecture that provides clear guidance for brief-drafting and creative development
  • WHERE >> Media and investment/ROI guidance that will help you invest only in the channels that actually drive purchase among the people and channels that matter

BrandScope, which gives you:

  • CATEGORY-level market structure insights and recommendations to help you identify key industry and competitive dynamics
  • NEEDS-based white space insights and brand elasticity analyses to help you optimize your innovation, line-extension and M&A initiatives

We would be delighted to discuss our approach and experience with you.